Culloden Battlefield an amazing day out

Visiting this fascinating site provides a really amazing day out, whether you are with family or on your own. Here you can discover how and why in the year 1746 a fierce battle took place at the moor Culloden, between the Hanoverians and the Jacobites  the repercussions it was to have on Scottish history with the dismantling of the Clan system and the Highland Clearances where wealthy landlords removed people to make room for their sheep herds.

The result at Culloden battlefield was total defeat and disaster for Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Highland supporters.

Some 1200 Highlanders were slaughtered and the future of the Highlands was to change forever.

Culloden Battlefield

The Duke of Cumberland, son of the reigning king, George II, and leader of the Hanoverian army, earned the nickname “Butcher” for his brutal treatment of the defeated Scottish forces.

The battle of Culloden was the death of Scotland’s clan system, and horrors were to follow during the British governments Highland Clearances.

The atmosphere is sombre when you visit the moor, which hasn’t changed in the past 260 years.

There is an excellent exhibition centre that supplies you with a vivid history of before and after the battle and also on the event itself. Watch the short film of the battle and take into consideration that lots of the Highlanders had sparse clothing and no shoes.

The exhibition has a wealth of audio presentations and the admission fee includes an audio-guide for a self guided tour of the battlefield.

Within the centre there’s a gift shop plus restaurant/cafe where you can have a coffee or a meal.

Culloden Battlefield lies 6 miles south on Inverness and is under the care of the National Trust for Scotland you can visit the Battlefield website here >>

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